Affogato with Flaming Amaretti Cookie

Serves 12


12 shots espresso

1 quart vanilla ice cream

12 amaretti cookies (Lazzaroni brand with wrappers)

Dragees and crystallized ginger for decorating

Special Equipment: Optional small ice cream scooper, 12 small shot glasses or waxed condiment cups, matches.


Carefully unwrap amaretti cookies and set each cookie into a cup. Smooth out each wrapper and roll into a loose cylinder, standing each one upright on a small dry dish of its own.

Divide hot espresso among cups and top with scoop of ice cream and dragees. Serve immediately on same dish with wrapper. For added magical effect, let each guest light the top edge of wrapper. The wrapper should light, then float ash up towards the ceiling. Make a wish!

*Be sure to stand back from dish and away from flame as it begins to light and float.