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Spanish Spiced Hot Chocolate

In New York, we're still waiting for warm spring days to appear after this long, cold winter- let's wait happily with a cup of warm spanish spiced hot chocolate. Your cloudy days will be remedied with a sip of this decadent cocoa, check out the recipe featured in Lonny magazine! It's perfect paired with a freshly baked croissant.

To get the recipe, please visit Lonny Magazine here.






Volunteers needed for A Simple Feast book launch party!


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Tea Blends & Mini Cakes for Lonny Magazine

We are excited to share another recipe featured in Lonny magazine this week! The idea to make our own tea blends came from using leftover bits of teas and herbs in our pantry. One of our favorite fragrant blends are jasmine, mint, and rose petals. The tea pairs deliciously with fresh baked mini almond-cranberry cakes. We encourage you to host a spring gathering and catch up with your friends over a relaxing cup of tea. 

To get the recipe, please visit Lonny Magazine here.






Roasted Vegetable Kale Salad for Lonny Magazine

We are thrilled to have our roasted vegetable kale salad featured in Lonny magazine today! It's our favorite healthy comfort salad that helps us beat the winter blues we've endured the past couple months.

To get the recipe, please visit Lonny Magazine here.






An Afternoon with MCMC Fragrances

Over the weekend my lovely friends, Anne and Katie McClain from MCMC fragrances came over to share their family recipe for Lemon Pound Cake. It always comes out delicious and is simple to make. Baking it in a decorative bundt pan makes it the perfect centerpiece for your next brunch get together.

MCMC Fragrances is a boutique fragrance brand created by Anne McClain, a graduate of the Grasse Institute of Perfumery in southern France. Their product includes beautiful, rare natural ingredients and unusual compositions for a style that feels both modern & ethereal. All of their bottles are carefully crafted in small batches and bottled by hand. Please scroll down for some Q&A with our favorite perfume sisters! Visit their online shop here.

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Photography and Styling: Diana Yen

Perfume photography: Alpha May







Q&A with MCMC:

1. What is your fragrance inspiration this spring?
In the Spring, we gravitate towards herbs. There's a cleanliness to the scent of herbs and the fresh, sharp notes of mint, lavender, and rosemary are nice to ring in this new season. Herb notes couple well with blonde woods like American cedar and sandalwood.

2. Where does your family recipe come from?

The recipe for this lemon cake is from our Grandmother on our Dad's side. She's from a small town in Michigan and is a big baker. When we were younger and would visit her, she always baked for us. She made apple pie, cherry pie, all kinds of cookies…She keeps all of her recipes on little index cards and we have copies of a lot of them.

3. Do you have any favorite places to shop for food in Brooklyn?

Fairway in Red Hook is a favorite to shop for food in Brooklyn. They have everything you could imagine, including really nice produce. You can take a little walk after to look out at the Statue of Liberty. On Friday mornings, ACME, the smoked fish purveyor, opens to the public and once in a while we'll treat ourselves to a big breakfast feast. It's close to our studio in Greenpoint.

4. What do you look forward to cooking this spring?

We're looking forward to trying our hand at arugula pesto. And now that Anne has a little baby boy, she's experimenting with making baby food.


Blood Orange Upside Down Cake

An in season citrus fruit turned on its head.  Perfect paired with a light, floral tea on an afternoon when you and your good friends prefer to be engulfed by the smells of baking then the bustle of city streets.  The notes of citrus will help to transport your thoughts to warmer climates.

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Photography and Styling: Diana Yen

Styling Assistants: Francesca Choy-Kee and Ah Reem Oh