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The Last Weekend

Friends of ours recently had the brilliant idea of taking over an entire summer camp upstate for the weekend. They invited some of their favorite New York artists to participate in creating an unforgettable weekend filled with good music, performances, food and crafting.

Our installation was based on "The Three Sisters", which are the staples of the traditional Native American diet made of maize (corn), beans and squash. We became fascinated by the “Three Sisters” because they were planted interdependently: the beans grew up the tall stalks of the maize, while the squash spread out at the base of the three plants and provided protection and support for the root systems. We’re intrigued by the idea of this natural support system and wanted to make foods based on it to nourish those around us.

Visitors were encouraged to roll out their own dough, then handed them off to us to fry in cast iron pans over a fire pit. The crispy breads were then topped with corn, squash and beans to make Indian Tacos and served along with a beverage inspired by Black Drink.

Special thanks to the JONY crew for making it such a fun time!
Hannah Schmitz, Tristan Schmitz, Donna Yen, Kaila Bulfin, Nanse Kawashima, & Anh Tuan Pham

Styling Assistant: Hannah Schmitz 

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