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The Food Seen

We are so honored to be on Michael Turkell's radio show today, The Food Seen. We recorded in the cute back booth at Roberta's Pizza in Brooklyn. His show gives a behind the scenes look at the food industry and features well known chefs, stylists, photographers as well as some lesser known but equally important people that are making an impact in the food world.

Please read more about it down below! You can tune in on Tuesday, April 16th at 3pm eastern time. The episode will be available at THE FOOD SEEN.


On today’s THE FOOD SEENDiana Yen, of the multidisciplinary creative studio The Jewels of NY, reveals her approach to setting the mood around a menu. Built out of a home product design background, Diana’s vision of culinary arts draws from her collection of antique flatware (e.g. cornichon ejector forks), her love of fancying food with gold leaf and caviar, and setting desserts on fire! As she works towards completing her first cookbook, based around New York’s finest seasonal moments, like summer rooftop BBQs and fall apple picking, she shares the thought process behind her brand of “lifestyle design”.

Feast your ears to THE FOOD SEEN on HeritageRadioNetwork.orgevery TUESDAY at 3PM EST!


Asparagus Leek Flatbread 

Spring is right around the corner and we couldn't be more excited. Eager to get our hands on the incoming season's veggies, we picked up leeks and asparagus and decided to display our market finds on homemade flatbread. 

We chose to caramelize the leeks and incorporate them into the dough which gave the flatbread a subtle but lovely hint of sweet onion flavor. The asparagus made their debut on top, with the addition of a sunny side up egg and crispy arugula for texture. Perfect for a spring brunch, our basic flatbread recipe will pair perfectly with just about any topping. 

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Ostrich Egg Surprise

Happy Easter everyone! It is a tradition to decorate eggs this time of the year. We decided to use the opportunity to experiment with the gigantic ostrich eggs we found at the farmer's market. We carried our egg friend carefully back to the studio and name it Dino, because it looked like something out of the flintstones. 

Carefully sawing it open, we reserved the big yolks and whites to make a decadent chocolate mousse dessert. The eggshell was decorated with some of our favorite illlustrations by Maria Sibylla Merian, along with a glimmer of copper leaf on top. This dessert will wow all of your guests at your next spring gathering.

 Styling Assitants: Debbie Yen & Kali Solack

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Valentine Jelly Candies

It's that time of year again, and we are so in love with these jellies. Our fun varieties are perfect for when love is in the air but we also encourage playful experimentation with flavors. Sweeten them up with your favorite jam or jelly and you will have your loved ones swooning for these delicate treats. 

Photography and styling: Diana Yen

Styling Assistants: Kali Solack & Susanna Moller

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Carrot Quinoa Risotto

Rich with protein and fiber, quinoa is a wonderful alternative to Arborio rice when cooking risotto.  We combined it with carrots to make a hearty lunch and were pleased with the results. The broth made it rich with flavor and the roasted carrots added a fresh bite. Finished off with Parmesan cheese and a little cream, this makes for a delicious meal on a cold day.

Photography & Styling: Diana Yen

Styling Assistants: Kali Solack & Susanna Moller 

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Cherry Granola & Strained Yogurt

Enjoyed throughout the Middle East and Mediterranean, strained yogurt is a thickened Greek style yogurt achieved by straining the whey from plain yogurt. Very simple and delicious, the tanginess of this yogurt pairs perfectly with the sweetness of homemade granola. Topped off with crushed blackberries and drizzled with honey, this dish is perfect for breakfast or dessert.  

Photography & Styling: Diana Yen

Styling Assistants: Kali Solack & Susanna Moller 

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